Thursday, September 18, 2008

39 Weeks

Today is the very last day of being a couple. We will officially become a family tomorrow morning. We have always considered us a family...especially with our baby Duke McCoy, A.K.A. the cutest Chocolate Lab in the world. Anyways, today is so strange! After weeks of being miserable, tired, in pain and just praying for the baby to hurry and come out, I feel so different today. Now I want to be pregnant for a while longer. I want my baby to stay safe and protected in it's womb. I have fears that the baby isn't "ready" or strong enough to come out. This is all probably normal when you know the exact time you will be delivering.

I just hope Eric and I can relax today and sleep tonight. We plan on seeing a movie together today in attempts to do nothing but relax...maybe take a nap. But I just hate those darn things! it goes...

Our next post will be the official delivery update of BABY MCCOY!

We love you all,

Eric, Lindsay and Duke McCoy

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  1. Yeah! I can't wait to see Baby McCoy tomorrow!!! Will my son have a wrestling buddy or a beautiful girlfriend? God only knows but we get to find out tomorrow!!!


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