Monday, October 26, 2009

Guess What...

Third Time's A Charm

Saturday, October 24, 2009


My Gym

Noah is all boy! Would you expect anything less? Just look at his father. Hubby can't wait for Noah to be old enough to truly tackle, pin down, wrestle, and to play REAL sports with Noah (oh, didn't you know that playing chase around the coffee table on all fours isn't really sport?).

I digress.

In effort to get that ALL BOY energy out we have signed up for My Gym. Thank you to Nana who graciously gave Noah a scholarship to attend...our pockets just aren't deep enough these days, this time of year especially. (who else has yet to even think about starting to Christmas shop?) Yikes!

Noah loves to climb up the slide and scoot his way back down

Noah's very good friend (wink wink, they have been known to make out everyonce in a while...when we don't keep a close enough eye on them) Sophia attends with us. You see what I meant when I winked? She is checking that badonkadonk out, you know, that thing aka his bubble butt he inherited from me.

Making up his mind is hard to do. He climbs up the stairs to the balls, begs to be helped into the balls, then, asks immediately to be taken out. I can't figure this silly guy out. Like I said, just like his daddy.

Little toes...Only God knows where these little feet will go...

Sophia knows what she wants...only the best!

Noah spends much of the time at the gym crawling through the tunnels. Clearly that is why he is already ripped.

Looking out for Sophia

Thanks again Nana for the best Birthday present ever!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Wedding Weekend (Part 2)

The Wedding

Stephanie is so beautiful!

Brandi just pinned on Stephens Boutonniere

The Kiss
Announcing Mr. and Mrs. Bayer

The fam

tired boy

Spending one on one time with Deten

Sharon and you guys!

My hubby is the best, he took care of Noah all evening!

Would only eat bread

She is a hot mama-to-be!
Keeping warm with cousin Stephanie...
The night was ending...

Not until the fat lady sings...oh, NO, I mean...

...Not until my husband gets the groomsmen
to jump into the pool!

It was cold
(so he says, not that I would know)

They are crazy!

But it was a fun end to the night!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Wedding Weekend (part 1)

My little brother, Stephen, married the most amazing woman last week. Stephen and Stephanie held the wedding at a family home up in Fresno, it was quite a trek up there...but very worth-it!

Thursday 10/8/09 My sister Brandi, her hubby Bryan, Eric, Noah and I piled in an RV and drove the almost 6 hours.
(and Sancho too)

Pregnant Brandi hanging in the RV with Noah and Sancho

The Rehearsal Dinner

4 Teppan Tables full of Family

A very tired Noah...scared by flames

...Shirley Temple Please

Yikes! This table is a mess...I don't even see food here...

The Bride and Groom to be

Mr Cheeks passed out...not easilythough...
Eric walked him, I walked him, I rocked him, walked him again, he fell asleep in the stroller...woke up after 20 min...I rocked him more and he finally fell asleep

Happy yes, but I want to have some fun.
Babysitter please?

Nana came to the rescue

Now mama's happy

Stephen and Stephanie are so cute

The trouble is starting
(wish I had a shot of when this fell down!)

Charlie Gabler...having a fine time

Franka, an amazing photographer and stepmother to Stephanie, is so beautiful
The Sake is kicking in!

Strike a pose

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Our Busy Life

September was a month packed full! We had Noah's Birthday celebration, my birthday, Eric's and my 5 year wedding anniversary, Eric went on a strike team, Stephanie's Bachelorette Party, Stephen's Bachelor Party, two baby showers, Noah's buddy Porter's Birthday and some camping too. Not to mention all the normal stuff life CBS, Life Group, Mom's Morning, park trips, beach days, work and squeezing in naps as often as possible (Noah's naps...I don't get that luxury). Its a busy life we have!

September Strike Team

The last weekend in September Eric, Noah and I (Duke stayed home this time) went back to our favorite camp grounds at San Clemente State Beach. Our friends were in the spot next to us so we had lots of entertainment from their daughter Brooklynn. It was quite cold at night, thankfully the trailer keeps out just enough of the chill, though, Noah did sleep with two sets of jammies on!

Noah looks so tiny and fragile here.
Don't worry this pink chair is Brooklynn's!

The last day of camping we made a slight detour on the drive home. We stopped off in San Juan Capistrano for Porter's first birthday party. We love you Porter and not just because you love Yo Gabba Gabba as much as we do!

Yo Gabba Gabba and the spot that should have been the kids Dance off. Nick, you slacked on that one!

Porter is nicely asking to get out of the highchair!
Please get me out!
Eric is such an amazing father. Noah and Eric ate lunch together, played, practiced walking and dancing and gave me a break so I could help with the party. They make a great pair!Next post...the first weekend in Oct...Stephen and Stephanie's Wedding!