Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Mom Mode

Follow my new blog Mom Mode

I am anxiously awaiting your arrival
(ha ha that just reminded me of that new show "V" that is coming out)

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A California Winter

Yes, its November...yes, we still go to the beach.

Call us crazy but if you live in CA and have 90 degree weather you are most likely enjoying it in a similar way too! Please excuse the quality of these photos because they were taken with my phone but are way too sweet to pass up posting!

Our little Surfer/Paddler in Training
Our little man is so cool! I have a few more pictures I will post soon of Noah and Daddy on the paddle coard together. My heart melts as I remember Noah being nervous at first and within a couple minutes screaming with joy and splashing the water while Daddy paddles off into the Harbor. Oh it was so sweet. Pics to come shortly!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween 2009

Last year Noah was only six weeks old on Halloween. Though I dressed him up, (red hot chili pepper) Noah just slept most the night away (day and evening too). This year really felt like his FIRST Halloween because he was awake and aware, and, well, the cutest little Lion on earth!

Noah and Daddy going into Aunt Ashley and Uncle Dave's house

Cowgirl Mama and her little lion
(so what if we don't "match", maybe I will have time for a family outfit next year)

Noah loves to practice walking
Sitting at the "big boys" picnic table

All the kiddos Scary walking lion!

Honestly, look at that pouty face, tell me you don't want to kiss that!

After Dave and Ashley's, we went to our friends Johnny and Shelby's house to do some trick-or-treating and then headed home to snuggle up with a movie, wine and carrot cake (thanks Sean and Amber for bringing the goodies!)

Going On A Lion Hunt


Aren't you scared?

Just a sneak peak...Happy Halloween everyone!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Guess What...

Third Time's A Charm

Saturday, October 24, 2009


My Gym

Noah is all boy! Would you expect anything less? Just look at his father. Hubby can't wait for Noah to be old enough to truly tackle, pin down, wrestle, and to play REAL sports with Noah (oh, didn't you know that playing chase around the coffee table on all fours isn't really sport?).

I digress.

In effort to get that ALL BOY energy out we have signed up for My Gym. Thank you to Nana who graciously gave Noah a scholarship to attend...our pockets just aren't deep enough these days, this time of year especially. (who else has yet to even think about starting to Christmas shop?) Yikes!

Noah loves to climb up the slide and scoot his way back down

Noah's very good friend (wink wink, they have been known to make out everyonce in a while...when we don't keep a close enough eye on them) Sophia attends with us. You see what I meant when I winked? She is checking that badonkadonk out, you know, that thing aka his bubble butt he inherited from me.

Making up his mind is hard to do. He climbs up the stairs to the balls, begs to be helped into the balls, then, asks immediately to be taken out. I can't figure this silly guy out. Like I said, just like his daddy.

Little toes...Only God knows where these little feet will go...

Sophia knows what she wants...only the best!

Noah spends much of the time at the gym crawling through the tunnels. Clearly that is why he is already ripped.

Looking out for Sophia

Thanks again Nana for the best Birthday present ever!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Wedding Weekend (Part 2)

The Wedding

Stephanie is so beautiful!

Brandi just pinned on Stephens Boutonniere

The Kiss
Announcing Mr. and Mrs. Bayer

The fam

tired boy

Spending one on one time with Deten

Sharon and you guys!

My hubby is the best, he took care of Noah all evening!

Would only eat bread

She is a hot mama-to-be!
Keeping warm with cousin Stephanie...
The night was ending...

Not until the fat lady sings...oh, NO, I mean...

...Not until my husband gets the groomsmen
to jump into the pool!

It was cold
(so he says, not that I would know)

They are crazy!

But it was a fun end to the night!