Tuesday, January 27, 2009

4 Month Check Up

Last week, on Jan 19th, Noah officially turned 4 months!

14.2 lbs
25.25 inches
42cm Head

He is around the 50th percentile except in weight he is still in the 10-25 percentile range (which as you can see, he isn't starving. So who cares about that stuff anyways.

Noah is such a different boy than he was just a few weeks ago. Now he laughs all day long, especially at his daddy. He is awake a lot more, he loves to be on his stomach and will play for a long time either in his jumper, or in the Exersaucer. Which reminds me I should put him in the walker soon too. It seems that Noah has been bonding with Eric and Duke more and more. Noah has been cracking up at them as they do things together. Duke, as he sniffs and licks Noah; Eric as he tickles, bounces, throws and hangs out with Noah. The boys in our house have definitely become buddies! I get a kick out of it when I walk into a room and Eric has Noah proped up on the couch or bed and is just sitting with him. As if Noah is reading with Eric or watching the show on tv...they are buddies!

Monday, January 12, 2009

A Fire Family

Today was good day. I was finally able to cross out more than one item on my To-Do-List. I think I actually accomplished 5 or 6 items, yea! That is pretty darn good for me these days. But that isn't anything to Blog about...today Noah and I made a trip over to the Fire Station, something we do often, to see Eric. I thought we would just be dropping off items my wonderful Hubby forgot and saying hi in the parking area. But to my surprise...fortunately (but unfortunately, because I chose to not wash my hair today or dress in anything more than comfy mom clothes from the PJ section at Target) we were able to go in and spend a couple hours together at the station with Eric. It was so nice to see everyone there. Eric couldn't get passed how big Noah has gotten OVER NIGHT. Honestly, I think he put on a pound and grew an inch over night.

The guys at the station cooked us dinner. Yummy, firemen are the best cooks.

I love you Eric. You are such an amazing father. These last few months have been so fun learning with you and experiencing all these new things together. Thank you for always being there to encourage me, to calm me, to make me laugh, and to remember to slow down and enjoy life as a family. You are THE best and I love you for how hard you work for us and for what an amazing father you are to Noah. Thanks for dinner Babe I am counting down the hours till you come home. Three long days away (Sad face)!

Our big guy is smiling and laughing all day now. These photos are capturing him mid-laugh.

Oh Noah, What can I say. Even when you poop in the Fire Station (at the dinner table), scream the whole way through Target, and want to eat 2 hrs after your bedtime. I still love you and I even more enjoy every second I get to hold and cuddle you!

Friday, January 9, 2009

3.5 month video

See the video on side bar. Enjoy!

We have been absolutely loving every day with Noah. He is laughing, gigling, talking and smiling all day long! It is fun to interact with him these days.

Stay tuned for the 4 month check up...just 10 days away!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Like Father Like Son

My Two Obsessions

The two most important men in my life. My sexy Hubby and little angel son.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Noah's First Christmas

I have been such a slacker on posting pictures. Well, I will blame Eric for taking my camera hostage for a week or so. Here is the start of Noah's first Christmas at Nana and Papa's house. I am going to upleod more pictures this weekend so you can see the rest of the excitement.

Christmas Eve dinner Table (Eric's Parents, Grandma and Grandpa on the left)

Eric serving up some...I think mushrooms. Yes, those are crowns on our heads. We eat like Kings and Queens, so why not dress like them, right?

The Grits! My Favorite.

Noah chilled in his bouncy seat. During dinner he entertained himself by making new sqeeky noises.

The kings plate

Christmas Morning we all sit on the stairs awaiting the OK to run down to the tree. (see the dogs wait too)

Nana and Papa over did it this year! But...count the stockings, they had six children, one grandchild, two dogs and each other. WOW!

Eric and Brandi showing off the babies they love most.

Love the towel. Thanks mama.

I had to add this pic. Hmmm...do you think they are father and son? They are looking at our Christmas tree at home.