Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Fathers Day Pictures

I can't believe we didn't blog about FATHER'S DAY!

After a wonderful church service, we went to Lucile's BBQ with our family and our good friends, the Howards.

Noah gave Daddy a picture of them
at the harbor in Santa Barbara

Grampa opening his gift

Noah, Daddy and Grampa

Kelsey and Alice intently reading the menu

Howards Family (Rob, Kelsey and Alice)

Daddy and Noah

Alice loved her grilled Cheese

Noah loved his watermelon

Big table for 11 please

Sweet thing!

Alice trying to "clean" Noah with the wet cloth

After an eventful lunch Eric, Noah and I headed to
Aunt Cathy and Uncle George's house for more family and fun

Poker is a must

All the "KIDS" sitting in a circle watching the entertainment, Noah.

Noah and Cousin Jeff (AKA the Giant)

Great Grampa Weaver (AKA the man that started it all!)

Crazy Cousin Steve
(he is a Giant too...just not the first one Noah ever saw)

Daddy and Noah's favorite beer

Great Grandma Weaver and Grandma (Eric's Mom, looking beautiful too!)

Noah and Daddy, two of a kind!

Looking back, this was such a great day for all of us. Eric was recognized for the wonderful father he is, Noah was happy and energetic, family was perfect as always and God provided a powerful message of the faithfulness of his Glory on this beautiful Sunday.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

How to throw your husband over the edge!

Just picture driving down the 15 freeway in the afternoon listening to music, conversing with your family, feeling the cool breeze of the A/C on your neck, excited to get to the JW Marriott and thinking of all the fun times you will soon be having...then BAM! Your truck tire bursts, car goes crazy, husband braces you, baby starts screaming and we stop suddenly on the side of the road.

Now the hot, stale air hits your face, no breeze, burning sun, baby is mad (and hungry because we were trying to get to the hotel before we stoped for him to eat) and husband is not happy. More than worrying about the frustrating job of changing the tire out with the spare, Eric was worried about us. He knows all too well how easily people get hurt (killed) by sitting on the side of the road (in or out of a car doesn't matter). So he goes to work...and me...

I take pictures! =)
(If you didn't realize, this is what throws him over)

I do have to say, my husband is pretty handy, and we all survided without a dent. Unless you count the $1,000 dent our wallets took to replace the rim and tires!

Friday, July 10, 2009

My Boys

I think it is so obvious who is behind the camera! It is so rare to get a shot of Noah and me or our the three of us together. I am not complaining though, just stating fact. I really have enjoyed capturing snippets of Noah's life and even more, I have enjoyed seeing the bond that Eric and Noah have together. I wish I could read Noah's mind because I think he sees Eric as the best thing in the world. You can see it in Noah's eyes as his face lights up when Eric walks in the room. Like a mixture of fun, security, love, silliness, and cool (the very coolest of "cool's) all wrapped up in one. Recently Noah has been giving daddy huge bear hugs and doesn't let go, you have to pry him off (or show him food). Noah smiles the second he hears Daddy's voice, even on the phone! When I look at pictures from Noah's birth through recent, I don't see a lot of me, but I see a ton of Noah's favorite person, proof of their awesome bond and their love for each other.

Thank you Lord for the wonderful gift Eric is to Noah and me,
a GREAT Father and my very best friend.

Monday, July 6, 2009

9 1/2 Months!

Wow! Time really flies by fast! Noah will be 10 Months in just 2 weeks. Which means we better start planning his 1year birthday party before it gets here!

I realized something today...Noah hits milestones on holidays. Thanksgiving (10 weeks old) Noah slept though the entire night and I mean that he slept 11 hours! Before then he was sleeping 8 hrs before waking for a feeding. Christmas marked the time when he was talking a lot of nonsense, pushing up on his arms and laughing. Valentines was when he sat on his own. Father's Day he popped his FIRST TOOTH! Now he has his bottom two teeth. And....the big news...4th of 9 1/2 Months...Noah Crawls. Finally!

Here is a video. He does an army crawl and it is so adorable. We are so proud of him.