Friday, January 2, 2009

Noah's First Christmas

I have been such a slacker on posting pictures. Well, I will blame Eric for taking my camera hostage for a week or so. Here is the start of Noah's first Christmas at Nana and Papa's house. I am going to upleod more pictures this weekend so you can see the rest of the excitement.

Christmas Eve dinner Table (Eric's Parents, Grandma and Grandpa on the left)

Eric serving up some...I think mushrooms. Yes, those are crowns on our heads. We eat like Kings and Queens, so why not dress like them, right?

The Grits! My Favorite.

Noah chilled in his bouncy seat. During dinner he entertained himself by making new sqeeky noises.

The kings plate

Christmas Morning we all sit on the stairs awaiting the OK to run down to the tree. (see the dogs wait too)

Nana and Papa over did it this year! But...count the stockings, they had six children, one grandchild, two dogs and each other. WOW!

Eric and Brandi showing off the babies they love most.

Love the towel. Thanks mama.

I had to add this pic. you think they are father and son? They are looking at our Christmas tree at home.

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