Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Mammoth and Spinach

Last month my entire family took a trip to Mammoth. It involved three cars, crazy driving (inside joke), lots of skiing, snowboarding, eating, eating, eating, wine, little sleep, and lots of attention on Noah.

Here is the Family picture
(Me, Eric, Noah, Stephen, Stephanie, Bryan, Brandi, Lorre and Steve) Left to R by couple

Playing Uno...we did a lot of that
How lucky were we to meet our good friends Matt and Michelle
up there by coincidence? They came over for din din and cards, we love them!

Noah when he was learning to eat solids (this was a month ago)
Chubba Bubba!

It snowed the entire time we were there
How beautiful? I didn't want to leave!

Post card pic of Bryan and Brandi

My little man. He was such a good boy the entire trip, car ride and all!
Nana and Papa. We love you!


What do you think...are we REAL enough? Tell me what you think!