Saturday, October 24, 2009


My Gym

Noah is all boy! Would you expect anything less? Just look at his father. Hubby can't wait for Noah to be old enough to truly tackle, pin down, wrestle, and to play REAL sports with Noah (oh, didn't you know that playing chase around the coffee table on all fours isn't really sport?).

I digress.

In effort to get that ALL BOY energy out we have signed up for My Gym. Thank you to Nana who graciously gave Noah a scholarship to attend...our pockets just aren't deep enough these days, this time of year especially. (who else has yet to even think about starting to Christmas shop?) Yikes!

Noah loves to climb up the slide and scoot his way back down

Noah's very good friend (wink wink, they have been known to make out everyonce in a while...when we don't keep a close enough eye on them) Sophia attends with us. You see what I meant when I winked? She is checking that badonkadonk out, you know, that thing aka his bubble butt he inherited from me.

Making up his mind is hard to do. He climbs up the stairs to the balls, begs to be helped into the balls, then, asks immediately to be taken out. I can't figure this silly guy out. Like I said, just like his daddy.

Little toes...Only God knows where these little feet will go...

Sophia knows what she wants...only the best!

Noah spends much of the time at the gym crawling through the tunnels. Clearly that is why he is already ripped.

Looking out for Sophia

Thanks again Nana for the best Birthday present ever!

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  1. How fun!! We got to go to a free day at my gym and it was awesome!


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