Friday, March 13, 2009

Noah's First Bites

My first bite of food! Yummy.

(video on side bar)

My Daddy's Eyes

I want to eat the spoon too!

Give me!

Hey, where did it all go? I like that stuff.

This week Noah began eating rice cereal and he loves it! I didn't expect any less of our good eater. Even the very first spoon full he anxiously prepared for with an open mouth and hands grabbing for more. It was as if we starved Noah before feeding him that meal; poor Eric couldn't get the cereal in Noah's mouth fast enough.

I have loved feeding Noah the last few days. We are beginning to make a new routine at night. This includes sitting in his high chair, learning high chair manners, practicing our signs, eating, lots of cuddles and kisses, playing with Duke, sitting on his own (yes, a new milestone), reading a book and snuggling in his crib with the infamous Mr. Bear (from the laughing video).

Everyday I thank God for Noah. He is so sweet and loving. Lately he has been such a snuggler since he began nuzzling his head into our chest when we hold him. Mmmmm! I love it.

Noah is just days away from his 6 month birthday. Wow, already 1/2 year!



After bath time Noah gets to roll around nakey and "air out" as I call it. I think this cutie should be on tv. My Unlce said he could be the baby in the E-trade commercials. Ha ha. but even cuter!

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  1. I came across your blog and love it! The pictures of Noah are precious. You guys are truely blessed.


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