Saturday, February 21, 2009

5 Months!

Noah turned 5 months last Wednesday. We celebrated by going to Disneyland. At first Eric and I were a little unsure of taking a baby to Disneyland. Not at all worried about Noah, but more the worth of spending our hard earned cash paired with our doubt of finding enough to do with Noah at a Theme Park full of "Big Kid" activities. To my amazement there was more than enough to do. We barely fit in a quarter of the activities planned. You may ask, "What can you do with a baby at Disneyland?" Take him on rides!

That's right, you can take them on all the kiddie rides like Toy Story and Whinny The Poo. You can take them on the Carousel, It's a Small World and even Pirates of The Caribbean! Noah loved Pirates...after the first fall that is. That first drop gave him a little scare, but no tears from our big boy!

We met up with our friends Natalie, Jason, daughter Brooklynn, and Jami, Adam and their son Isaac. We can't wait to go again.

Noah is growing so fast we barely got him into any of the 3-6 month clothes. He is now completely filling in the 6 month sleepers and the 6-9 month onsies. I think he will be jumping to the 6-12 and 9month clothes in just another month. Our big guy is over 15lbs 9not exactly sure) but we know most of it is in THE CHEEKS. He is around 26 inches long and growing by the second.

We love you Noah!


  1. We seriously have to go to Disneyland again -and soon!!

  2. So cute!! I love that the kiddos are wearing their Lids!! Disneyland is great. As soon as we are settled we will start going again. That last shot of Noah eating his toes is just great!!


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