Monday, September 21, 2009

Noah Is One!

Last Saturday, September 19th 2009 Noah turned ONE!

A year that seems to have gone by like the blink of an eye also has brought so much change, joy and renewal to our family that I have a hard time believing it has all happened. God has blessed Eric and I with the sweetest little man imaginable. I truly don't know how something can be so stinking cute, so incredibly lovable, so perfectly tender, sweet, sensitive and mmmm mmmm yummy...and such a smart, clever pain in the butt at the same time! Every single day I thank the Lord for our son and all he brings to our family.

At this point Noah has learned to:

  1. call Dog dog, toss his food to Duke from his highchair and laugh at it
  2. walk while holding on with only one hand (walking has been a slow progress)
  3. say Dada, Uh Oh, Mama, No, Love you (almost understandably), ball, Nana, that and hi
  4. sing/yell into his toy microphone (not very musically inclined!)
  5. sign all done, milk and drink (for water)
  6. hate whole veggies and thinks pureed veggies are the only way to go
  7. Dance dance...bouncing his bum up and down while standing
  8. scream, laugh and dance when Yo Gabba Gabba comes on tv
  9. wave hi and bye bye
  10. take his shoes off
  11. play peek-a-boo with himself
  12. give a hi-five
  13. clap clap clap for everything
  14. put things away (his new thing is to put anything back into it's container)
  15. walk with his pushing to walk toys
  16. enjoy grocery shopping
  17. explore the back yard, every second the back door is left open
Noah has three teeth, and the fourth popped through today (two days after he turned one). He is sleeping two, two hour naps each day and he sleeps at least 12 hours every single night. yes that is right! There have been a few times where he slept 14 hours! I love him for giving me rest!

FOOD. Noah loves cheese, yogurt, turkey (only no nitrates!), pureed veggies, tomatoes, pasta of all kinds, peaches and pears...and more. I am happy to say that I am free from breast feeding. Noah had breast milk for a year and is currently enjoying Organic Cows milk 2-3 times a day.

Mr. Cuddles. We get the most amazing hugs and cuddles from Noah before and after naps, evening and morning, and alost anytime we want to pick him up and squeeze him...he alows it.

Noah is a traveling kid. Since his birth he has traveled to: Temecula, Pennsylvania, Mammoth, San Diego, Mexico (via Carnival Cruise), Camping in San Clemente, Scottsdale AZ, Santa Barbara, Maui Hawaii and there are many years left to see the world my sweet child!

Thank you for all our family and friends for giving us endless support, babysitting hours and encouragement for this new adventure called parenting. Below are some pictures of Noah's First Birthday Party
Yay I'm One

I'm Not sure I like cake
You try it first!
This stuff is GOOD!
Great Grandma and Grandma McCoy
How super cute are these kids? I love Cuzin Nick
Welcome to my back yard =)
The Bounce House

The Clique

Li'l kid time in the Bounce House
(Noah, Sophia and Jared)
When Noah wasn't so sure about the Bounce House


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