Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Maui 2009 Days 1-4 (revised)

Noah recently vacationed in Maui with us for 10 days. We were so blessed to find a beautiful condo in Ka'anapali Beach and we took advantage of our stock pile of sky miles...and went for it! The entire trip was packed full of fun activities.

First Day, The Flight
The 5 hour flight was something that I was dreading. After our flight was moved 4 times from 1pm to 1:45 am, we finally switched from Delta to American and left at a reasonable 4pm. Thursday afternoon the three of us made it to the boarding gate safely and decided that was a feat of it's own that deserves being noted. While we waited to get a seat number...apparently we were one of the last ones to arrive at the gate, Argh, we giggled at a mom telling her two sons that everybody was praying that their seats weren't by them because they can't behave. Ha ha, not too long and we will probably feel the same way about our family. We were just about the last ones to board (that just doesn't make sense to me), and we were unlucky enough to be stuck sitting 10 rows apart from each other. That was frustrating. I was in the very last row smelling the bathrooms, but sitting next to a mother and her 16 month old. So at least I didn't have to worry about Noah annoying her. Eric sat in the middle of the plane next to two teenagers who were busy with their headphones and ipods the entire flight. Noah did great, it is a lot of work to keep him happy and entertained on a flight, but it can be done. I can tell you that Eric did help and gave me a little snooze, but I still slept like a baby that night!

First Night, Wailea
One night was spent in Wailea at an amazing 3 bedroom house on the beach. It was huge, extravagant, comfortable and the entire back opened to the outside. I almost didn't want to leave. If it wasn't 45min from everything we would have stayed there the entire vacation! We were starving but it was late by the time we got there so the only thing we could find were chicken strips at a Safeway...that held us over.

2nd Day
Breakfast at the Kihei Cafe. Noah had a fruit plate to himself, I had Biersch Mueslix and Eric had Pork Fried Rice with Eggs.

Then we moved our things into the condo in Ka'anapali. The condo fit our needs much better. Though it was still a 1500sqft condo, it was much smaller than the house and more than we needed! It was such beautiful weather so we decided there was no better thing to do than to spend the day at the beach...and so we did! That night we went to Lahaina for dinner at the MaiTai Lounge (not great food) and Shaved ice (GREAT food)!

Noah waved at the entire restaurant from beginning of dinner until we left
view from our table

3rd Day
The Gazebo for breakfast, Yummmy! We ate amazing food that morning. I had the Country Benedict (sausage instead of ham), Eric had an omelet, we shared the Macadamia Nut Pancakes and Noah ate a little of everything. So did the crazy birds that kept stealing Noah's food when he wasn't looking! The Napili Bay is a cove next to the Gazebo Restaurant that is calm, white sand and beautiful so we wandered over and spent the afternoon there. Noah played in the small waves with Eric, swam on his tummy and floated on his back until he was trying to suck his thumb and swim at the same time...then it was nap time. We packed up and Noah slept the drive home. That evening we ate at the Hula Grill. Eric had and amazing Seafood Curry and Noah and I shared a Tamarind Opah. That evening we picked Nana and Pop-pop up from the airport. This is when the real fun began!

The Gazebo

Cuddles for Mom

4th Day
We all decided to start the trip with a casual hike before we get too daring. So we went to see the Iao Valley State Park. The Iao needle is a 1200ft natural rock monument that sits in between a stream, waterfall and a few beautifully lush mountains.

The Iao Needle

Hiking up

The view from the top

View straight down on the gardens
The stream behind us
Deeper into the vegitation and closer to the stream
Noah was so happy and enjoyed the walk

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  1. How much fun!! Looks like Noah did great... he is such a sweet little guy :) My family would stay at Ka'anapali Beach when I went there as a kiddo! It is great there. Nice hiking backpack. We were thinking of getting something like that for Cora.


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