Thursday, November 13, 2008

Noah's day

Mr bean burrito woke this morning at 7am like usual.
Noah spent quality time with Duke, his very best buddy
(Where's Waldo?)

After spending all day at Nana and Papa's house, we went to the beach with Kim and Jared

I feel so bad, this is the only picture of Noah I took. Jared was so cute, loud and loved the camera!

Then came bedtime.
I did our normal routine. Feeding, then bath time, then massage and put him in his PJ's. I sat him down for a second on the couch...and wide eyed he looked at me with a look that showed no sign of being tired. Good thing he likes hanging in his crib awake because I am going to bed either way Mr. Noah (aka Bean)


  1. Oh mi gosh, that picture of Noah and Duke is the best ever. I'm sure you can only imagine how great of friends they are going to be. That's awesome.


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