Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Noah's Newborn Photo Shoot

To see all of Noah's photos, click on the link below:

Noah Loves Daddy!

In Noah's room

Thank you Briana Moore for your wonderful photography!


  1. As soon as the kids go down for their naps I'm going to look at the whole shoot. I love the coloring of these shots!

  2. These are beautiful! Noah is very photogenic like his parents!

  3. Hey Linds and Eric - WOW! Your friend took AMAZING pictures. What a great eye for photography she has, and what talent with editing! I'll have to keep her in mind... I'd love to do something for the kids around Christmastime... hmmm... Love the one of you and Noah in the nursery. You have a great expression on your face. And your feetsies in the yard. Precious.


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