Friday, November 28, 2008

Thanksgiving Day and A MILESTONE!

Noah had a very cute outfit for Thanksgiving day. Here he is showing it off! (thanks to Aunti Ashley for the Oh-So-Stylish Sweater Vest!)

I hosted Thanksgiving this year. It was so much fun with all the family, just exactly what I am thankful for! (all my wonderful family)

Noah got to play and play...

He had a bath and Naked tummy time...Thunder Thighs!

So after a very full house with all the loved ones constantly playing with Noah...he slept and slept and slept! Noah slept for 11 hours straight! Can you believe it? 10 weeks today and I am praying for another night like last night!!!

Thank you Noah.


  1. Whoa! 11 hours! Now I am holding Porter to the same standard. We have been hovering around 9.5 hours the last few nights but come two weeks, I'll expect 11! He looks so cute in his outfit. Good for you for hosting..I know hosting Thanksgiving is not in our future for a few more years at least! Kiss tha boy for us. See you soon?


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