Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

To Eric, the love of my life:

There is no possible way I can ever show you how much I love you, though I promise to always try. God blessed my life starting the day you entered it.

Look at what we have done in the past 8 years we have spent together. We have traveled all over the world, we have established our careers, our home, our faith...all with each others help. Now we have a beautiful son, one that is so perfect it is scary. I love our life, I love our life, even the tough times, even with fears and unknowns, I love the life we have made. I love you.

Thank you for:

Working so hard
Always giving me the last bite...of everything
Washing my car for me so I don't have to
Waiting to go to bed with me when I am ready
Dealing with my cluttered office (I swear it will be clean, someday)
Loving my cooking
Putting your workout clothes directly in the washer
Loving Noah in ways I never imagined were possible
Giving me a kiss before our son
Wanting me to come see you at work
Being quiet when you leave for work when I am still sleeping
Loving the LORD
Praying for our family
Allowing me to get a freezer for the Garage
For giving up "Your" garage shelves for baby stuff and diapers
Finishing your degree when no one pushed you to but yourself
Making me laugh
Changing every diaper for the first three days of Noah's life
Holding my hair back when I threw up everyday of my pregnancy
Being so strong (mentally and physically)
Promising to shave the "Stach" by the end of next month
Holding my hand all the time. It is my favorite thing you do even though I think it is purely habit, I still love it.
Giving good hugs
Making me feel pretty
Being the leader of our home, and a good one
Your love
Making me want to list on and on...but for the sake of being overly sappy, I will tell you the good ones later tonight.



Here are some oldies but goodies

Eric and our first baby at the beach. A common place to find us all year long.

Duke asleep on the couch...Little stinker got in TROUBLE!
(That couch was so uncomfortable)

Here's to you babe, and all your silliness

Catalina, How I love thee

This one is for all the craziness that occurred during this vacation.
Stinky cheese. The French. Sleeping in train stations. Shaving on the train.
Broccoli Beef. Little cars that don't reverse. Smelly old historic hotels with cold hard beds...etc!

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  1. Love the Love Note!
    Noah looks so big. He is really lifting his head. It looks like he is just about to crawl away in that picture :)


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