Thursday, February 5, 2009

Noah Travels to Philadelphia

Eric and I took Noah on his first plane ride last week. Since Noah was only two weeks when my Pop-pop passed, we were not able to attend his funeral back east in PA. So we decided to go to PA last week to visit with family, friends, and to see where my Pop-pop's Rests.

We were a little nervous about taking Noah on the plane but much more nervous about taking him around town in 18 degree weather. In both situations Noah was a trooper and really handled it well.

Shortly after we arrived in Philadelphia, My parents (Nana and Papa) joined us. Here we are enjoying a meal, or at least drinks, at the City Tavern in down town Philly. Eric and I both finished an entire Turkey Pot Pie each. Mmmmm, Yummy!

And after the Pot Pies, we had the very best Strawberry Short Cake ever! just thinking of it makes me want to go back right now.

Below is a picture of my super sexy husband and little Noah, FREEZING, at Papa's Drexel reunion Ice Hockey Game.

We spent a lot of time in the car. Nana and Papa showed us around down town, all over the area were I was born, were all the family lives, we visited grave sites, and of course lots of touristy sites like Betsy Ross's House, Independence Hall, Firefighting Museum...etc. Noah was just as happy as can be in the back of the big van with all of us!

How lucky am I to have such perfect men in my life! This is after we walked down Elfreth Alley.

Finally a picture of mommy and Noah.
This is at Laurie's home (my God Mother) in Glenside, PA

Here is my God Mother. She is so much fun and always generous to us. We are extremely lucky to have her in our lives and to be blessed by her hospitality! Love you Laurie!

Below is a picture of us at an old Firehouse in Downtown Philly. It is now a museum. I know I am married to a fireman (A super sexy one too), but I was so amazed how much Eric new about all of the really old Fire tools, emblems, codes, plaques, insurance companies...etc from as far back as the 18th century. He taught me so much that day.

These pictures are of the last couple nights when we stayed at a hotel. Eric and Noah really bonded on these nights. This is when we video taped Noah laughing at Eric with Mr. Bear (the bear blanket he has in his lap). The video is on YouTube and on the right side of our blog.

Noah and Daddy Snooze on the flight home. This was supposed to be a 3.5 hour flight. Because of head winds it was over 6 hours. Yikes, Noah was great, but we all were ready to get home!


  1. So fun!! The strawberry shortcake just looks divine... yum. That picture at the hockey game doesn't look like eric to me at all... funny huh! The one with Noah and his binky... wow he is getting so big... ahhhhh. Why do they have to grow so fast?

  2. Beautiful pictures!! Noah is so cute~love those cheeks. He looks so happy...I love the video of him laughing with his bear on the bed.
    Brings back good memories. Treasure these years...they go by way too fast!!

    Cousin Andrea


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