Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Family Vacation

My little man, AKA, chubba bubba, No no Bean, bugger and... really tired in this picture

Every year Eric and I (now Noah too) head to the South West for some family fun in the sun. My father (Steve) and brother (Stephen) play in an Ice Hockey tournament in Scottsdale, AZ over Memorial Day weekend. It has become the trip our entire family looks forward to each year. This year we decided to switch hotels from the one we have stayed at for sooooo many years and stay at the Westin and it was worth it!

The last 5 days this is what my office looked like:My father in the front, my mother, Eric, My empty chair, the pack and play, my brother in law and my sister next to him.

It was great. We set the Pack And Play up for Noah.
He reluctantly took two naps a day in the warm AZ sun.

Snoozing was a common occurrence at the pool

Snoozing and Boozing
Is it there something wrong with me that I felt like a bad mom for feeding Noah jarred food every meal for 5 days? At least I had help!

The beautiful pool had a LAZY RIVER and a BEACH!

If it weren't for the darn mosquitoes and Eric leaving early to get back to work... I would say this was a perfect vacation.

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