Monday, June 8, 2009

Best Friends Day

Did you know that today is BFF Day?
God has blessed my life with many wonderful friends. I have a few very close, dear to my heart friends, that I love and cherish. But I only have one best friend.
She is so special because she is more than a friend,
she is my only sister.

Brandi: No one is more beautiful inside and out than Brandi, my sister. She gives all she has and even more to her friends and family. She reminds me, everyday, in tangible ways how to be sensitive to others and be your own person at the same time. She is the most amazing God Mother to my son. She is God's very special gift to me.

Brandi and I were opposites all our childhood. She was a rebel and I was a pretty much a prude. She has led an exciting life full of learning by experience and mine was learning by Brandi. She has stories for days and I have typical and boring. She went through tough times and came out stronger than ever, courageous, changed, and a fighter. She went her own way (working and living on her own) at an early age and it was during that time when we were learning who each other really was. It took a few years for Brandi and I to get to the right place of understanding. We loved each other and had great fun during those few years, but we were on different pages of our journey towards understanding then. Who would have figured...God had that in his plan for us.

I get her now. Like God does, I love her just the way she is. And she is wonderful! I know that we are not meant to be the same. In the past I didn't understand why we were so different... coming from the same family. Now, I can say I appreciate my sister for exactly who she is. She is a woman who fights for the positive things in life. She fights for her man and her marriage. She works hard with the gift God gave her: style and styling others. She is a sister who knows when to speak and when to listen. She is a friend that supports me when I feel broken. She is compassionate, genuine, and gentle when tough situations come.

We are not that different. We are living our lives with very similar wants and dreams, just going about them in our very awesome and yet unique ways.

It is such fun and so exciting to live life with your best friend (like I do with Eric everyday) I get to do that with my best girl friend too. We giggle and laugh, we cry, we scream and jump up and down, we can tell each other the truth and we can disagree. The one thing no one can disagree with is: If you don't like Brandi, your must be jealous. She has a whole lot to be jealous of!

Brandi gives me a break and takes care of Noah

I feel Noah is very safe with her
even first time in the pool without me

Brandi, I love you. Thank you for being you. Thank you for always giving and never complaining that you don't get enough in return. I will always be trying to keep the score even...and I will always fail.

Happy BFF Day!

Always a goof
Lovely in Napa. A trip that will be hard to beat.
Brandi's wedding rehursal
Noah's Birth-day

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