Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I Love Our Home

Eric and I decided together that we would forsake the large house, the huge yard and give up splurging on grown up "toys" in order to live at the beach. Hard decision...maybe for a day or two...maybe when we go visit our friends that have those things we gave up. Mostly, we just love the Beach. Here in Huntington Beach we have a smaller home (big enough), we have a smaller yard (still big enough), and we have less space between us and our neighbors, but we also have our family and friends, our amazing community, beautiful outdoors, the smell of bonfires, BBQ's and the ocean, and we have the most amazing sunsets and a beach culture we have so grown to love and has become part of who we are. We are all about bike rides for dinner, running to and from the gym or to the beach, swimming in the ocean, surf days and campfire nights. We are also in love with the safe heaven our home, neighbors and neighborhood has provided for us.

One of my favorite things to do is walk Noah and Duke to the park in our neighborhood, Drew Park. My parents have become fans and bring their dog Pilot over sometimes to meet us. It is quiet, big, and such a great time for me to re-focus. Hopefully in the future it will be a great time for Noah to run his energy out!

Ready for the Walk

Duke could barely sit still...he's always up for play time!
See what I mean! Run Duke, Run!

My dad (aka ball thrower) and Pilot

My mother (I think she only comes to see Noah)They kinda like each other
Thank you God for this cutie! My son, I looooove you!

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