Saturday, August 8, 2009

River Trip

I know it was a couple weeks ago, but I have to write somethings about our most recent river trip. First, we love our friends Cody and Krista Snyder! They are always so nice to invite us out to one of their family's homes so we don't have to (attempt to) camp in the crazy heat. Also, Krista is pregnant and she is so beautiful! She is having a baby boy who will definitely be one of Noah's surf buddies! This last trip was especially fun because Noah was old enough to enjoy the boat, water, food, and fun. We left on a Sunday morning and made the long drive out to Bullhead. As always we left at Noah's nap time with the attempt to have him sleep for a couple of hours on the road. Why is it that in a car he never sleeps more than an hour...if that? Oh well, thankfully he didn't fuss much. I was able to keep him busy by just handing him things. How does that work you might ask? Well, he fusses, I grab an empty water bottle and hand it over, he plays for 5 min, throws it, fusses, and I hand him a plastic bowl, he plays 5 min, throws it down, fusses and I hand him a plastic/rubber spoon, he plays for 15 min (yes he loves this one) and this goes on and on for hours!

We finally arrived! After unpacking and settling into the magazine worthy home we were staying at, we headed out for Eric's Birthday dinner. Eric turned 29 on July 19th! Why oh why did we ever choose Joe's Crab Shack? Yuck! If you are ever in Laughlin...don't go to Joe's Crab Shack! But, never the less, we ate, drank and were happy even with the TV DINNER quality food we ate.

Day one we made a presence at Lake Mohave. It was a perfect day. We floated in the water for hours on end. Noah loves his float. He will stay in it forever while splashing and kicking like a frog. Noah pooped himself out in the water! He was so tired the boat engine put him to sleep in about 10 seconds, literally. When we decided to pack it up for the day, not 5 min later a huge storm rolled in. It was really crazy, the entire lake was tying to exit the water, people couldn't control their watercraft, debris was flying in the air, dark clouds came in with thunder and lightening. It was really wild...and little Noah just slept like a baby the entire time, even during a diaper change, during getting the boat out of the water and all the way into his car seat and back to the house. Man I love how well he sleeps!

Noah passed out during the storm

Eric held Noah, the boat engine has just put him to sleep

Noah, you are a trooper! Noah even was given a special treat for dinner. He had a sweet potato to himself! Oh what a mess!

Thanks for the fun times Cody, Krista and baby Snyder!

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  1. Looks like Noah did awesome on the trip!! He is already a traveling baby!!
    I owe you a Lid!! I haven't forgotten... I just don't remember at the right times!! How about if I send it to you so you will get it before the cold winder... LOL!


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