Thursday, August 6, 2009

A Hiking Family

I took Noah on a hike through Crystal Cove state park last week. I know this isn't the best quality picture...but it is the only one we have. Thank you so much to Aunt Stephanie who came along and snapped this photo of us incognito style. Noah likes riding in the back pack, he must have been in there for almost two hours. It was good practice for our hikes we will be doing in Maui next week. He just has to figure out how to nap in there...we will keep practicing laying his head on the frame. While we explored our local state parks, Eric was off in the National Forest doing some hiking of his own.

The John Muir Trail

Robert and Eric begin their adventure in Yosemite

nearly 60lbs of PAIN

Scenery like this slowed them down

Robert enjoying the great outdoors
The Campsite

Mountain Men

Breathtaking!The JM Trail
After 4 days Eric is done hiking

Waiting for the bus to take him to Mammoth...
And the HOTEL!

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