Sunday, August 9, 2009

Noah's Quirks

Oh my son, you are a silly little man. If I could only read your mind. Sometimes I think you must be the smartest baby in the world...and other times the funniest! I thought we could take a moment and talk about just a couple of your favorite things. There are many things, people, toys, books, noises, shows...that you love! Today I am just going to mention a few that I was able to capture photos of.

You LOVE hats. You wear them all day, any day and any hat. Your daddy loves you in the black Santa Cruz hat, I love you in your Eli's Lids, but you look so sweet, cuddly and chubby in beanies. Here is one that fits your big noggin. A striped Gap beanie that makes me want to kiss your little face for days!

A good friend suggested buying the YoBabby Yogurt in the "on the go" package and then freeze it for a cold Treat/Teether. THANK YOU Kelsey! Noah, you fell in love at first bite. Even though the cold scared you a couple times, you devoured the entire package and made a huge mess. I think you enjoyed slapping and splattering the melted yogurt all over more than eating it frozen.

I like to think this face=thanks mom

Sharing with the camera

Oh! this is a little cold!

Your current favorite toy. Thanks to your Aunt Ashley and Uncle Dave, you already know what a Koozie is...your favorite teether!

Other than the koozie toy/teether that you spend literally hours playing with, you love Duke's toys. I had the hardest time letting go with this one. I was determined to keep Duke's toys and your toys separate. I gave up when you found this ball. It is bumpy and I imagine it feels so great on your gums. Alas, you and Duke share your toys, spit, slobber, dirt and all! I do not, however allow you to share two things, stuffed animals (they are just gross) or toys (one in particular) that Duke takes over, outside and I catch him peeing on!

Noah does Yoga. Ok, I don't know what made you do this, but you crawl all over the house and every few feet you usually find something that grabs your attention. Sometimes it is to lick the wood floors, sometimes to suck on the baseboard, sometimes it is to taste the only grain of rice left over from dinner, it has been a piece of grass from Duke running around, it's been Duke himself, its been a Shadow, even getting stuck under the table, chair legs, the butchers block, the bottom shelf of the console table...oh my LORD things grab your attention! That is not my point though, you strike a specific yoga like pose. You hang out on your side. Yep, you rest on your side while noticing that certain thing that stole your attention and slowly stretch your top leg into the air. You sometimes even keep it there for a few minutes. I wonder what makes you do this son? It is very cute and pictures don't do it justice!

Your buddy Jared lent us this sleeper. It is adorable on you. Recently you have learned to pull up onto the couch. The problem is that you haven't figured out how to get down. It isn't a far fall, but you do it often enough to know you don't like it. So you pull up, walk back and forth along the L and call out for Da da. Daddy isn't even home, but you still call with every last breath to have him come save you from falling to your unwanted fate.

Good Night!
(Woooooaah Belly)

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  1. I can't believe how much he has grown. He is SUPER cute!!


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