Sunday, October 18, 2009

Wedding Weekend (part 1)

My little brother, Stephen, married the most amazing woman last week. Stephen and Stephanie held the wedding at a family home up in Fresno, it was quite a trek up there...but very worth-it!

Thursday 10/8/09 My sister Brandi, her hubby Bryan, Eric, Noah and I piled in an RV and drove the almost 6 hours.
(and Sancho too)

Pregnant Brandi hanging in the RV with Noah and Sancho

The Rehearsal Dinner

4 Teppan Tables full of Family

A very tired Noah...scared by flames

...Shirley Temple Please

Yikes! This table is a mess...I don't even see food here...

The Bride and Groom to be

Mr Cheeks passed out...not easilythough...
Eric walked him, I walked him, I rocked him, walked him again, he fell asleep in the stroller...woke up after 20 min...I rocked him more and he finally fell asleep

Happy yes, but I want to have some fun.
Babysitter please?

Nana came to the rescue

Now mama's happy

Stephen and Stephanie are so cute

The trouble is starting
(wish I had a shot of when this fell down!)

Charlie Gabler...having a fine time

Franka, an amazing photographer and stepmother to Stephanie, is so beautiful
The Sake is kicking in!

Strike a pose

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  1. I need to read your blog more. I fail. I had no idea you posted these pictures. Thank you for calling me amazing, although I must confess I could never measure up to you! :) I think the last two pictures are my favorite. They are crazy!!


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