Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Our Busy Life

September was a month packed full! We had Noah's Birthday celebration, my birthday, Eric's and my 5 year wedding anniversary, Eric went on a strike team, Stephanie's Bachelorette Party, Stephen's Bachelor Party, two baby showers, Noah's buddy Porter's Birthday and some camping too. Not to mention all the normal stuff life CBS, Life Group, Mom's Morning, park trips, beach days, work and squeezing in naps as often as possible (Noah's naps...I don't get that luxury). Its a busy life we have!

September Strike Team

The last weekend in September Eric, Noah and I (Duke stayed home this time) went back to our favorite camp grounds at San Clemente State Beach. Our friends were in the spot next to us so we had lots of entertainment from their daughter Brooklynn. It was quite cold at night, thankfully the trailer keeps out just enough of the chill, though, Noah did sleep with two sets of jammies on!

Noah looks so tiny and fragile here.
Don't worry this pink chair is Brooklynn's!

The last day of camping we made a slight detour on the drive home. We stopped off in San Juan Capistrano for Porter's first birthday party. We love you Porter and not just because you love Yo Gabba Gabba as much as we do!

Yo Gabba Gabba and the spot that should have been the kids Dance off. Nick, you slacked on that one!

Porter is nicely asking to get out of the highchair!
Please get me out!
Eric is such an amazing father. Noah and Eric ate lunch together, played, practiced walking and dancing and gave me a break so I could help with the party. They make a great pair!Next post...the first weekend in Oct...Stephen and Stephanie's Wedding!

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