Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Fathers Day Pictures

I can't believe we didn't blog about FATHER'S DAY!

After a wonderful church service, we went to Lucile's BBQ with our family and our good friends, the Howards.

Noah gave Daddy a picture of them
at the harbor in Santa Barbara

Grampa opening his gift

Noah, Daddy and Grampa

Kelsey and Alice intently reading the menu

Howards Family (Rob, Kelsey and Alice)

Daddy and Noah

Alice loved her grilled Cheese

Noah loved his watermelon

Big table for 11 please

Sweet thing!

Alice trying to "clean" Noah with the wet cloth

After an eventful lunch Eric, Noah and I headed to
Aunt Cathy and Uncle George's house for more family and fun

Poker is a must

All the "KIDS" sitting in a circle watching the entertainment, Noah.

Noah and Cousin Jeff (AKA the Giant)

Great Grampa Weaver (AKA the man that started it all!)

Crazy Cousin Steve
(he is a Giant too...just not the first one Noah ever saw)

Daddy and Noah's favorite beer

Great Grandma Weaver and Grandma (Eric's Mom, looking beautiful too!)

Noah and Daddy, two of a kind!

Looking back, this was such a great day for all of us. Eric was recognized for the wonderful father he is, Noah was happy and energetic, family was perfect as always and God provided a powerful message of the faithfulness of his Glory on this beautiful Sunday.

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  1. You have done so many great posts!!
    It is so awesome that you guys and the Howards go to the same church... it makes my heart smile that even though we all aren't together at church at least some of us get that fun same church bonding time :) Love Al with the grilled cheese and Noah with the watermelon!


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