Monday, July 6, 2009

9 1/2 Months!

Wow! Time really flies by fast! Noah will be 10 Months in just 2 weeks. Which means we better start planning his 1year birthday party before it gets here!

I realized something today...Noah hits milestones on holidays. Thanksgiving (10 weeks old) Noah slept though the entire night and I mean that he slept 11 hours! Before then he was sleeping 8 hrs before waking for a feeding. Christmas marked the time when he was talking a lot of nonsense, pushing up on his arms and laughing. Valentines was when he sat on his own. Father's Day he popped his FIRST TOOTH! Now he has his bottom two teeth. And....the big news...4th of 9 1/2 Months...Noah Crawls. Finally!

Here is a video. He does an army crawl and it is so adorable. We are so proud of him.


  1. Oh my gosh Lindsay! He is so cute! What a great accomplishment. Time to baby proof!


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