Sunday, July 12, 2009

How to throw your husband over the edge!

Just picture driving down the 15 freeway in the afternoon listening to music, conversing with your family, feeling the cool breeze of the A/C on your neck, excited to get to the JW Marriott and thinking of all the fun times you will soon be having...then BAM! Your truck tire bursts, car goes crazy, husband braces you, baby starts screaming and we stop suddenly on the side of the road.

Now the hot, stale air hits your face, no breeze, burning sun, baby is mad (and hungry because we were trying to get to the hotel before we stoped for him to eat) and husband is not happy. More than worrying about the frustrating job of changing the tire out with the spare, Eric was worried about us. He knows all too well how easily people get hurt (killed) by sitting on the side of the road (in or out of a car doesn't matter). So he goes to work...and me...

I take pictures! =)
(If you didn't realize, this is what throws him over)

I do have to say, my husband is pretty handy, and we all survided without a dent. Unless you count the $1,000 dent our wallets took to replace the rim and tires!

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  1. Ahhh!!! That's horrible but what a great a story. I'm sure you thought that as you were taking pictures. I'm glad you all got out safe from the traumatic and closely dangerous incident!


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